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Friday, September 02, 2005

Evening Update


I unfortunately must report to my job at Illinois' Athletic Department at 5:30; however, I will be back at about 10PM Central to update the blog. If anyone has any additions to this list, feel free to contact me at (

I am overjoyed by the response that this website has had thoughout the country, with several people contacting me to add schools to the blog or report that they have found this blog very useful. I, however, have one sole request. If you are a student or know a student in an area affected by Hurricane Katrina, please spread the word about schools that have opened up their doors to help.

At this point, this is a complete list of all 79 schools accepting students:

University of Illinois
University of Texas at Austin
Indiana University
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin
University of Alabama
University of Florida
University of South Carolina
University of Tennessee
University of Kentucky
Illinois State University
University of Missouri System
Texas A&M
Loyola University, Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Colorado, Denver (Med)
University of Nebraska System
Florida Tech
Alabama A&M
University of Alabama, Huntsville
Tuskegee University
Emory University
Baylor University
Loyola Marymount University
University of Hawaii System
Alfred University, New York
Rice University
Cornell University
Arizona State University
Webster University
Clarkson University, New York
Vanderbilt University
Syracuse University
University of Arkansas
Michigan Tech
Xavier University, Cincinnati
University of Dayton, Ohio
St. Mary's University, Texas
Binghamton University, New York
State University of New York
Washington University
John Hopkins University
Rollins College, Florida
Pennsylvania University
City Colleges of Chicago
Princeton University
Williamette University, Oregon
Southern Methodist University
Oklahoma City University
St. Cloud State, Minnesota
University of Oregon
University of Central Florida
Brown University
Roosevelt University
DePaul University
Duke University
Eastern New Mexico University
Saint Bonaventure University


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